Glass heart shaped jewellery box with mum definition

Personalised Mum Definition Heart Jewellery Box

A beautiful glass heart jewellery box etched with your own definition of Mum.

A lovely addition to the home, this heart shaped box would make a perfect gift from the children to Mum on Mother's day. It makes a perfect storage solution, great for organising jewellery and keepsakes.

You can personalise the titles with the names of your choice. You can also personalise the description, this could be something she is most well known for or a reason why you love her. The titles and description will be etched on to the lid of the box. 

You can choose between gold (image 1) or rose gold.

The geometric box is made from glass panels within a brass heart framework. The lid opens by a hinge on one side. It has a mirrored glass bottom with a soft felt layer attached to the underneath side of the box to protect surfaces. It measures approximately 12.5cm x 12cm x 4.5cm.

Please note that this box does not come gift wrapped. We will send your jewellery box to you in protective styrofoam and cardboard packaging to best avoid any chance of breakages.