Summer Home Interior Trends

With summer now in full swing we've been thinking about how to inject more sunshine into every aspect of life! We've been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and have found some beautiful home interior trends that have got us feeling inspired. Here are some of our favourite trends and tips for updating your home this season. 
1. Bringing the outdoors indoors 
 From splashes of green paint to indoor jungles, plants are taking over! Add a breath of life to your home with some tropical palms or cacti. 
2. Bold colours 
Plain walls have been replaced by vivid colours and prints, think emerald greens, deep blues, mis-matched patterns and palm prints. Why not embrace this trend with a feature wall or jazzy furniture?
3. The curated home
Your home is an extension of yourself, whether you have open shelves in the kitchen and lounge or a clothes rail in the bedroom, put your treasures on display - it's certainly easier to find things! 
4. Back to basics
Scandinavian minimalism meets traditional Japanese aesthetics. Declutter your home and fill it with natural materials such as wood, concrete, wicker and terracotta for a modern yet rustic feel. 
   *All images sourced on Pinterest

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The Minimalism Trend - Home Interiors

We're big fans of minimalism here at Maria Allen, many of us have recently purged our homes (and particularly wardrobes) in search for this simpler way of life. Minimalism is the buzzword of the moment, the Japanese art of living which can readily be applied to all areas of life from fashion, events, art and design. In the context of the home, to be minimal is to live with only the things we really need - which is a lovely idea but often easier said than done! A great way to start is with your home environment, a minimal home goes hand in hand with a minimal lifestyle.  

Here are a few steps to get started!
1. Declutter
Perhaps the most important of all the steps - tidying. Keep shelves orderly, work tops clean and make sure everything has a home.
Minimal spaces look their best when they are tidy.
2. Consider your colour scheme
Pick your colour scheme carefully, white is your best bet for creating an airy atmosphere! Decorate simply and with purpose, houseplants of all shapes and sizes are great for adding some life to the room. 
3. Keep this in mind...
"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." - Nate Berkus.  
In other words, if you don't love it get rid of it!
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