Eco-friendly Interiors

Here at Maria Allen Boutique we believe it's important to be as eco-friendly as possible. It's never been easier to find eco-friendly alternatives, so if you want to do your bit for the earth here are 5 things to consider when updating your interiors. Being eco conscious doesn't mean you can't be style conscious! 🌿
1. Buy 'pre-loved'
Spend some time searching your local flea markets, they are full of vintage gems and pre-loved furniture that with a little TLC, can be revamped into a great one-off piece. Give any old furniture to a new home, whether thats selling online or giving to a charity shop. 
2. Choose FSC 
If you are buying new, make sure it's made from FSC certified wood. This guarantees the wood was sustainably sourced and harvested according to FSC guidelines meaning it's a lot better for the environment and helps to combat deforestation. 
3. Watch out for VOC 
VOC is short for volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the environment and your health. VOC can be found in paints, many household products, furniture and carpets,  So, when decorating your home always try to buy items that ideally do not emit VOC or have a  low VOC content.
4. Setting the mood
Lighting candles around the house certainly adds to the ambience, but a lot of cheap candles contain the same harmful VOC as standard paints! Make sure you buy candles made from natural materials such as beeswax or soy and are scented with essential oils.
Essence + Alchemy have a beautiful range of earth friendly candles, no synthetic fragrances, no additives, just pure and natural Mother Earth goodness
5. Plant power
Houseplants breathe in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, purifying the air. Why not join in the botanical craze and brighten up your home by adding plants to every room! 
Plants such as the Peace Lily, Boston Fern, English Ivy and Spider Plant are all proven to improve air quality and adding plants to your home is known to boost mood and well being.
We're proud to note that all wood used in our products is FSC certified and sustainably sourced 🌿
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Eco-friendly Living

We love to help the planet and believe it's important to try to be as eco friendly as possible! So for those of you who perhaps made it a new years resolution to be more eco conscious, here are 10 easy ways you can do your bit to help save the planet!  
1. Go vegetarian or simply try to eat less meat in your diet! 
(check out our Pinterest page for recipe ideas)

2. Carry a reusable tote bag, its much more stylish.

3. Invest in eco-friendly light bulbs.
4. Use less paper and keep a note of things digitally where possible. 
The less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced and the less trees need to be chopped down!
5. Buy food from a local farmers market and freeze produce thats likely to go bad quickly, it will save waste. 

6. Reduce water waste - have shorter showers and try not to leave taps running.

7. Recycle all waste packaging and create a compost bin for food waste.

8. Cancel all junk mail and opt for paperless billing - pay your bills electronically.

9. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and travel mug. 
 Lots of coffee shops provide a discount for bringing your own mug!  
10.  Simply buy less!
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